The Taste of Yaletown is back for it’s 11th year highlighting 27 restaurants in the Yaletown core. The two week dining event kicks off today and runs until the 29th with set menus at $25, $35 and $45. During these two weeks, restaurants are offering featured dishes that are not on the regular menu – a perfect time to check out some of the creative dishes restaurants have to offer.

Here are my top picks from the Taste of Yaletown 2015 event:

Lime and Moon Pie Company
Price: $15
I’m interested in checking out this cafe, mostly because I love pies!

Price: $25(lunch)/$45(dinner)

minamiToY-9652In my opinion, you can never really go wrong at Minami (and it’s sister restaurant Miku) – Minami stays on my list as a places to try. Their dinner menu is $45 – but if it’s your first time trying out Minami, I’d say go and experience their lunch menu which sits at $25 price point giving you a good variety of what they have to offer.

Simply Thai
Price: $35


There are many places in the city for Thai, but not many that combine authentic dishes, real Thai chefs and owners and the artistry that is Thai cuisine. Simply Thai has all these characteristics and is definitely worth a visit.

Bistro Sakana
Price: $35
If you’re a little more adventurous than salmon nigiri and California rolls, you should check out the menu at Bistro Sakana. They’ve got some interesting fusions and flavours like crunchy filo served with hotate (raw scallop) or their prosciutto roll (atualfo mango, goat cheese, sweet unagi sauce and basil-shiso pesto).

La Pentola
Price:  $25 (lunch) / $45 (dinner)
At a $45 price point, La Pentola offers a 4 course meal – featuring their in house, handmade pasta and a protein option (ling cod would be my choice!). They do have a lunch menu if 4 courses seem a little daunting, but I’d suggest going all out for the $45 dinner.

Are there any places you’re excited to try out?

For more information and menus, check out the website here: