Here I thought that there are so many different types of noodles – I’ve been introduced to a subcategory of noodles – specifically udon. Sanuki Udon is known for it’s square, flat shape and hails from the province of Sanuki in Japan – which is known to be the birth place of udon.

Sanuki Udon is located on Robson street, and at their shop they make their udon noodles fresh taking about 48 hours continuously. All their broths also require 24 hours to reach the right balance.

sanuki udon vancouver beef udon

You can choose from a variety of different flavours and ingredients in your udon soup and also the size (regular and large). I’d definitely recommend going for the large size unless you’re having a snack…(which sounds ludicrous to some, but I ordered a small size and was still hungry).

Similar to Marukame Udon in Hawaii, you can also select different sides like tempura and onigiri.

sanuki udon vancouver porkimchi udon

I ordered the PorKimchi Udon – they prepare it fresh in front of you. You get to add how much green onion and tempura bits you’d like in your meal. I’d recommend placing the tempura bits on the side, so they stay crisp and not become soggy (like mine did!).

I enjoyed the udon noodles in my bowl, they still had a little bit of snap to them that makes it easy to enjoy. My pork is tender and flavourful, a good mix of fat and meat. I wished there was a little more in my bowl. The broth is served clear – I think the only exception is the curry udon. The broth is not too salty and almost slightly sweet.

sanuki udon vancouver onigiri

I also added an onigiri on the side and a piece of yam tempura – I really enjoyed the onigiri (it had tuna inside that was cooked). The yam tempura was good too, still crunchy.

I think there is still some room for improvement: more toppings and perhaps more of a variety in menu choices, but it’s nice to see an udon place pop up, since we have so many ramen places in the city now.

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