While mango might be a tropical delight to most, it’s almost a staple in Asian desserts. That’s why if given a choice, it would be my first choice of sweets (if chocolate wasn’t readily available!). That being said, it’s given me a standard of how to enjoy mango. There’s mango pudding at dim sum (that tastes better with condensed milk, in my opinion), mango cake featuring fresh mangoes, mango smoothies and shakes. It’s so versatile and delicious, it’s hard not to enjoy it in just about anything – ever had green mangoes with shrimp paste? It’s a popular Filipino snack.


That’s why when Liane had suggested we try out Mango Mama, I jumped at the opportunity. Mango Mama is located right across Aberdeen Centre in a smaller plaza. We ordered two desserts: mango cake and lychee flavoured shaved ice.


The shaved ice was definitely delicious – and as much as I enjoy the Hawaiian shaved ice, I would have to say the Asian way of enjoying shaved ice is my favourite. The shaved ice doesn’t even taste like just ice. It’s slightly creamy with long slim flakes that look more like whipped cream than crushed ice. The lychee flavouring is added on afterwards with syrup, but it was quite good – not too sweet.


Our mango cake was interesting – served with flaky pastry, mango chunks, fresh cream, mango ice cream and whipped cream. I think the look they were going for is napoleon cake but large. The look of the cake is certainly delicious, the execution however I felt could’ve been better. I think the dessert would’ve been better if the pastry was more crumbly, buttery and soft – akin to it’s neapolitan twin. This was a little too tough to push a fork through. The mango was nice and ripe and the rest of the dish was great. $14 great? I’m not entirely sure about that.

Food: mini3andahalfforks

Service: mini2andahalfforks

Value: mini2forks

Ambiance: mini3forks

OVERALL: 2andahalfforks