Star Wars is coming out soon! And it’s gift giving season. Whether you want to make new handmade gifts or use up all the excess chocolate you get for the season, this recipe is simple!

If you drop these little ships into hot chocolate or coffee, they melt exploding Baileys and hot chocolate mix into your cup!

-Any chocolate – chocolate chips, chocolate bars, etc
-1 shot Baileys
– Three tablespoons Hot Cocoa Mix of any brand
– A Star Wars Ship ice cube tray

1) Boil two cups of water.

2) Pour the water into a large bowl.

3) In a small bowl, break up the chocolate in tiny pieces.

4) Place the small chocolate bowl into the large bowl of water. BE CAREFUL. Do not let any of the hot water into the chocolate or it’ll stiffen the chocolate and ruin it.

5) Mix until melted.

6) In another bowl, pour a shot of Bailey’s or Kahlua. Put three tablespoons of cocoa mix. Take the melted chocolate bowl out of the large bowl, check if the water is lukewarm and place the alcohol bowl into the large bowl. Make sure the water isn’t too hot as you don’t want to heat up the alcohol too much. Mix the ingredients together until well mixed. Note: you can change the alcohol ratio around if you want your chocolates to be more boozy.

7) Line the Star Wars ice cube tray with a thin layer of the melted chocolate.


8) Freeze the chocolate for 3-5 minutes.

9) Take the tray out and put the Bailey’s mix into the centre/middle layer.

10) Top off so the chocolate is sealed on the back with the remainder melted chocolate.

11) Freeze for at least 10 minutes.

So the person receiving this gift can either eat the chocolates with an alcoholic kick or drop it into hot milk and mix it to get a yummy cup of hot chocolate!

If you’re feeling a little confused on how to create this recipe, check out the video below I made a while back that is similar to the process: