We all love local places – but as Vancouverites, we also hate chains. So what happens when you have a local chain? You get mixed views. Typical food purists would say at a chain, you would not get the same high calibre attention to detail like you would at a small local restaurant, and I see that and get it completely. But to manage so many places and make sure everything is consistent at all places is a lot of work in itself. There is always a trade off and many places aspire to grow large and become popular – so it’s hard to judge. For myself personally, chains are a crowd pleaser. Chains wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice, but if I was going in a large (and picky) group, chains are the best way to go. There is enough variety for everyone and the consistency is pretty good. I feel this is the same case for Glowbal Group restaurants. I’m going to be completely honest and say I’ve had so many mixed experiences at different Glowbal restaurants, it’s really put me off on writing about them. However, I’ve had two great experiences at two separate ones and I think they are both worth mentioning. Today though, we’re going to stick to Trattoria Burnaby.

Part of and opened at the same time of the Element Hotel in Burnaby, Trattoria is a large open space with the tallest ceilings. It’s got an ample patio if you want to get your patio on around Metrotown.


For starters, I ordered a Pompelmo Menta – which is grapefruit juice, lime, simple syrup, mint leaves and soda. Think grapefruit mojito. It was very refreshing.


I ordered the Fusilli Lunghi made with wild mushrooms, pancetta and oregano cream ($16.95). Hands down, one of my favourite pastas in town. I love mushrooms (I’m pretty sure I am the long lost bro-sis from the Mario Bros.), so if you say: “mushroom” or “truffled”, well sir you have my attention and my curiousity. The portion size is good, most places you order pasta they give you a small portion but here the portion is just right. The pasta is made so it’s al dente and the mushrooms are nice and tender. I also enjoyed the fact that the pasta was not drowning in sauce, just enough to coat the entire dish.



Food: mini4forks

Service: mini3forks

Value: mini3andahalfforks


OVERALL: 3andahalfforks