We’re huge Star Wars fans here at Gastrofork and we’re super excited for the movie to be released. It just so happens it falls within the holiday season, so we couldn’t think of a better way to give the gift of Star Wars to our friends! And what better way to say “You’re important” than Han Solo frozen in carbonite – or as we like to call it Han Solo Chewy Caramel Chocolate Biscuits (harhar).


You can make these new from scratch, or use up your chocolate and cookies! After testing this recipe out, we recommend halving the size of the Han Solo chocolates, as it is a little thick compared to the cookie we placed it on.

-Any rectangular cookies (shortbread, shortcake, Chess cookies, etc)
-Any chocolate bar or two cups of chocolate chips
-a Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite ice tray

1) Boil water, approximately two cups.
2) Pour water into a large bowl.
3) In a small bowl, break up the chocolate into small pieces.

4) Place the small bowl into the large bowl of water. Be careful not to get any water into the chocolate as it will stiffen the chocolate and ruin it.
5) Stir the chocolate until melted.
6) Scoop and spread a thin layer of chocolate into the Han Solo Carbonite mould.
7) Freeze for 3 minutes.
8) Scoop a teaspoon of caramel in each chocolate. Scoop one last bit of chocolate on top to seal the chocolate.
9) Freeze for at least 30mins. Take chocolates out of mould.


10) Spread a layer of caramel on each biscuit.
11) Place chocolates on top of cookie.
12) Enjoy.