Prana Organic has come out with a line of coconut chips that are not only healthy but also surprisingly savoury. There are four flavours: Spicy Chilli, BBQ, Salt and Pepper and Original.


Coconut is a huge hit in the health market because of it’s natural beneficial traits. These chips are cholesterol free and are a great source of fibre. These chips are a great alternative to potato chips if you’re looking to stick to your new years healthy resolutions!

Prana recently sent me all four flavours to try. Normally, I’m used to coconut being on the sweet side, so I was surprised to try these savoury flavours. While all four flavours are enjoyable, I think my favourites were the Spicy Chilli and BBQ.

prana coconut chips spicy chilli

The Spicy Chilli had a nice heat to it that made me want more.

prana coconut chips bbq

The BBQ had a great smoky, bbq flavour that I enjoy in chips.

prana coconut chips

prana coconut chips

If you’re looking for something with less flavour or a lighter snack, the Sea Salt and Pepper and Original might be more your speed.

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