Whiskey, whiskey, everywhere. That has been my past week or so. Not that I’m complaining, it’s been an eye opening and educational week.

In my latest edition of whiskey/scotch adventures, I was invited to host a Johnnie Walker evening in the comfort of my own home with a couple of my friends in tow – including Diana from Foodology, check out her post here.


My Johnnie Walker ambassador was friendly, entertaining and had a lot to contribute to the conversation about scotch.


The evening starts off with an introduction to Johnnie Walker, it’s origins and then the tasting. We tasted Red, Black and Blue.


Johnnie Walker is a blended whisky originating from Kilmarnock, Scotland. Johnnie Walker’s signature style is it’s large, smoky flavour, superior consistency and depth.


Our first tasting was Johnnie Walker Red Label – considered it’s most versatile whisky, you would be well to mix cocktails with this blend. The Red Label is spicy in smell and taste that leaves a pretty strong smoky taste in your mouth.


What most people are used to is the Johnnie Walker Black Label. I can see a notable difference between this and the Red. I found the Black label to be slightly sweeter than the red, a lot smoother to taste that is less harsh than the Red label in after taste.


Our last tasting is the Johnnie Walker Blue Label, containing some of JW’s rarest malts, superior grains that are matured to it’s peak. By far the darkest of the three in terms of colour – showing it’s age – and definitely the smoothest of the three. I couldn’t pick up any particular smell from this whisky, but it was super easy tasting – slightly sweet that lingered in your mouth but not in a harsh way.

Prices for 750ml bottles in BC are as follows:
Red Label – $26.29
Black Label $51.99
Blue Label $284.99

For more information on Johnnie Walker, check out their website here.