For our last Dine Out experience, Brian and I made reservations at ARC. The last time I was at ARC was for their grand opening, but Chef Alessandro Vianello has been through the Vancouver circuit for a while now – first at Prestons, then with his own food truck Street Meet and now heading the charge at ARC in the Fairmont Waterfront. When going through the menus, I think what really stood out for me was the grilled Pacific octopus!

On our way to the fabulous Fairmont, we were given the opportunity to use Blacklane’s services again (see my previous experience here). Our driver was early and we ended up riding in a very nice Escalade (on our previous encounter, we were in a Mercedes S class – baller!). I really enjoy taking these car services and depending where you’re going (like say, to the airport) it’s a nice way to travel and start your trip. Everything is included (tip too), so you just hop in and go. No having to worry whether you have enough cash or your dealing with a grumpy taxi driver when you hand over your credit card!

When we arrived, we were seated promptly on the other side of the bar. The architecture and interior design at ARC is quite remarkable and I find myself admiring more interior design after we built our home. The vibe at ARC is definitely brooding yet glamourous.

The DoV was pretty straight forward and so we decided to try each dish (that had meat on it, since Brian can’t seem to have a meal without it).

Our appetizers were the Albacore Tuna Tartar and the Brussel Sprout Caesar Salad.

arc dov 2016-9951

The Albacore Tuna Tartar is served with cured egg yolk, dill pickle chips, citrus compressed kohlrabi and kelp. Like I’ve mentioned previously, it’s always exciting to try new things that are not usually on your typical menu, and that’s what drew me to ARC. I had no idea what Kohlrabi was up until this point in time. The dish is nicely plated, the tuna tartar is laid back, given a bit of a bite when you run the tuna through the sauce. The dill pickle chips gives the dish more of a tang and cuts the fishy taste of the tuna (although there was very little ‘fishy’ taste to it to begin with).

arc dov 2016-9953

The Brussel Sprout Caesar Salad was an interesting twist on a classic. The only way I will eat brussel sprouts is if it’s fried up. The sprouts soaked in all the flavour of the seasoning, which made every bite delicious. I’m not a huge fan of anchovies, but these anchovies came in from Spain and have little to no fishy taste to them. I would have to say Brian enjoyed this more than I did though.

arc dov 2016-9958

Brian ordered the BC Beef 2 Ways, one being braised short rib and the other, a housemade sausage served with horseradish, charred onion petals, yam puree, potato fondant and bordelaise sauce. It was an interesting offering and served with the most peculiar looking greens. I did enjoy the braised short rib.

arc dov 2016-9956

I ordered the Grilled Pacific Octopus, served with XO sauce, smoked fingerlings, pickled carrot and cucumber and sesame crackers. What came out versus what I thought would was completely different. This octopus was incredibly tender and enjoyable, with a slight kick from the XO sauce we all know and love. I’ve never had octopus this tender, and I don’t think I ever will again.

For dessert, we had Cereal Milk Ice Cream and Coconut Pudding.

arc dov 2016-9960

Wondering if Cereal Milk ice cream will become a thing here in Vancouver – as I loved it at Milk Bar in Toronto! In any case, I did enjoy this delicious homage to it, complete with cereal clusters.

arc dov 2016-9961

The coconut pudding was surprising with the kiwi gelee and honey meringue – the two flavours gave it a bit of a kick – so it was best to taste with all three flavours in one bite.

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