There’s a new Bubble Waffle Cafe in town – specifically in the Kerrisdale area. Let’s be real, this is a great addition to the area – which boasts a lot of other good restaurants but definitely needs some cheap eats.

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This evening, I was invited by Chinese Bites to try out the menu at the new Bubble Waffle Cafe. We started off with experiencing all the different types of broths – I normally don’t care for fish broth but this evening that was the clear winner in my books. Danny, the owner of Bubble Waffle Cafe explained that the broth is made by boiling down the fish. The broth itself isn’t too overly fishy but still had a nice taste to it, slightly sweet and not too salty. My second favourite was the Preserved Egg broth.

My bowl of soup was with the House Soup (fish broth) and I added beef, fish tofu, extra cabbage and these wonderful dumplings with flat rice noodles. This bowl is quite large and very filling!

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At Bubble Waffle Cafe, you can choose the type of noodles and 2 toppings, any more toppings are an additional cost. The noodle soup combo also comes with your choice of milk tea or tea (although you may add extra for bubble tea).

We also got to try the Takoyaki, Fish Siu Mai, Bubble Waffles, Taiwanese Sausage, Stinky Tofu, Chicken Nuggets and Fried Shrimp Balls.

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The takoyaki was pretty standard – but it is one of my fave things to order when it’s on the menu. It wasn’t too doughy on the inside and pretty crisp on the outside.

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The Fish Siu Mai was a bit smaller than most places, but it was tender and fresh tasting.

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We tried the cheese, matcha and cinnamon bubble waffles. The bubble waffles were nice and crispy on the outside but didn’t have too much filling in the inside. I enjoyed the matcha flavour the most.

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Taiwanese Sausage was served on a stick – juicy and not too salty.

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The stinky tofu is a good portion, but not really my thing. I guess if you love this stuff, you’d dig it! I’d have to say the smell is fairly mild compared to when I’ve had stinky tofu before.

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The chicken nuggets are one of my favourite items when going to Taiwanese style cafes, and this one is ok – crispy and not too salty on the outside, a tad bit dry on the inside but nevertheless still good. It’d be great if they added the deep fried basil alongside it.

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We also tried the fried shrimp balls, which were pretty standard as well but fresh tasting. They came out piping hot which was good too. The shrimp balls didn’t need any sauce as they are quite flavoured already as is.

I think you’ll get the best value from ordering their noodle soup combos, which are quite large and filling – throw in the drink and it’s a pretty formidable meal for $11. It’s good to see the Kerrisdale area expanding and including more Asian eats! I’d definitely come back to eat here if I’m in the area.

Please note: I was invited by Chinese Bites and my meal was paid for, but all opinions are my own.

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