Pure Nail Bar is now open in the Marine Drive station area. Their salon includes massages, hair treatments, waxing and of course nails.

The bright space is large and spacious. In the background, they have Friends playing on loop – cuz let’s be honest, there are a lot of Friends episodes.

pure nail bar marine drive

We were greeted by the receptionist and she was apologetic about being a little hidden away (it’s on the Cambie side, across from the brick building). Another older lady was trying to convince us to get our eyebrows done but we politely declined.

Our nail technician was friendly and talked with us for a little bit. Two of my nails were broken and she said it was possible to fix them with gel. She layered it on and then continued with my gel polish. When you get gel polish done, you have to put it in this UV warmer and I wasn’t expecting my two broken nails with the extra gel on them to get really hot. I casually mentioned that it was a little on the hot side and she asked me if I ever had my nails done with gel before – I have. So I thought maybe their equipment is new and thats why its much warmer than I expected. However, since I recently went back to the nail salon I normally go to, they informed me that she had added a gel to my nail and that because it’s different than gel polish, it does get warm in the UV.

pure nail bar marine drive

Besides that, my nails turned out nicely. There were two or three small spots that i noticed later when I left that had a bit of nail polish on the side of my finger, but not visible enough to be a problem.

I’m not a big nail person – I only really get my nails done if I’m going on vacation or I have a special occasion. I enjoyed chatting with my nail technician and enjoyed the clean place – they even served us tea which was nice. Would I come back? I’m not entirely sure, maybe if there was a good deal I might, but I will most likely stick to my current favourite place to get my nails done.