Air Canada offers direct flights to Brisbane
Starting in June, Air Canada now offers direct flights to Brisbane aboard their latest jet. I saw a little preview of the jet and it looks really cool – touchless bathrooms, three different classes to enjoy and the plane itself boasts to lower jet lag (with HEPA filters that provide more oxygen into the cabin).

There are many reasons I’d love to go to Australia (it’s on my list of places to visit) – and despite my initial “70% of everything in the world that can kill me lives in Australia” mentality, I’ve grown out of it and encourage you as a global traveller to check out the beautiful beaches, culture and culinary scene that is Australia.

Insight Vacations offers Luxury Gold vacations to India
Insight Vacations is known for it’s quality services around the world but now they are introducing their Luxury Gold packages to India. There is no better time to check out the splendor that is India. From staying at Summer and Winter palaces of the Maharajah, witnessing ceremonies dedicated to the dusk, floating down the rivers in a luxurious houseboat, Insight Vacations has a lot to offer. India’s rich culture from their remarkable architecture right down to their endless spices in the cuisine – India is definitely on my bucket list.

Visit Quebec
With our dollar taking a bit of a tumble in the market, I look towards travelling within our own country for some of my upcoming vacations. I learned a lot more about the various regions in Quebec recently including Laurentians region that sounds like a perfect culinary adventure, Le Monastere des Augustines in Old Quebec, a recently opened Wellness Centre in what used to be a monastery and Pot à L’Eau De Vie – a part of Quebec where you can sleep on a small, private island that’s punctuated by a lighthouse.