When visitors come from out of town, the first thing they ask is what is there to do? What is there to see? What are some good places to eat?

Nathalie recently had out of town guests for her wedding and we collaborated to create a quick guide to the various neighbourhoods around Vancouver that our guests could explore. Every neighbourhood has information on where to dine, what to see and a little inside information on what the area is like. We weren’t looking to put together anything too extensive, this is to serve as a fun, quick guide that featured Nathalie’s fantastic photography and our recommendations throughout Vancouver.

As a result, many of our out of town guests were excited to receive a physical copy and we thought it’d be great to share here on Gastrofork as well!

We aren’t charging for the guide, but we’re very appreciative of any donations you’d like to make to us! Small or large, every single penny goes back into making more great content!

You can download the guide right here (right click and save to your computer):


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If you’d like a hard copy, please get in contact with Nathalie (nat [at] gastrofork.ca) and she will be able to provide you one for a small charge ($5) that covers printing costs.