Okay, real talk for a second here – I’m not a fan of hiking. It’s got nothing to do with nature, because nature is fantastic. It’s me. I am clumsy – more often than not getting into accidents or hurting myself when I go hiking or I get bitten by mosquitoes because apparently I’m like Wagyu beef to mosquitoes. That being said, I like to appreciate nature as much as I can. I’m quite surprised how well maintained the paths in Hawaii are – in comparison to the ones here in BC where you can legitimately get lost and paths are not so laid out beautifully. Both places have their own charm, but it just seems a lot more enjoyable in Hawaii (maybe because I’m on vacation).

manoa falls-9993

In any case, Manoa Falls is a fantastic, easy hike. It says it’ll take approximately 2 hours to hike, but for the seasoned hiker – you could probably get up and down much faster. While the trail is narrow and can be quite muddy (we came right after it rained – bad idea, but we were leaving that day so we had no choice). There are many points on the hike where you can stop and take some great shots – including a small forest of bamboo,eucalyptus forest, hau and banyan trees as well. A little further beyond these areas is the rocky steps that can become quite slippery. I slipped once, but managed to stay on my feet.

manoa falls-9982

One woman was hiking and slipped off the rock and thankfully she stopped her fall before she could fall off the steep side that leads straight down into the Waihi Stream!

manoa falls-9990

Because Manoa Falls is a rainforest, it’s best to bring lots of bug spray. Although I had put on bug spray prior to the hike, I ended up with a good 7-8 mosquito bites!

manoa falls-9976

Manoa Falls is undoubtedly beautiful though, I’d recommend it if you’re visiting.

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More information on Manoa Falls can be found here: https://hawaiitrails.org/trails/#/trail/manoa-falls-trail/225