Real talk: Vancouver hasn’t had the best of luck of seafood boils doing successfully. There are many reasons behind these factors – mostly pricing, quality and marketing. What I think Captain’s Boil does exceptionally well is quality. There are six Captain’s Boil locations across Canada, and I think that being a chain at this point will also bolster quality and efforts. This and their staff seems pretty well trained. If they keep up the consistency in quality and customer service, Captain’s Boil will definitely see some smooth sailing in the years to come (yep, terrible puns FTW).

captain's boil menu

Inspired by the traditional Louisiana Creole crawfish boil, Asian fishermen threw in their own blend of spices to create a delicious mix known as the Captain’s Boil. This particular mix – Cajun, Lemon Pepper and Garlic Sauce makes for a tangy and spicy flavour that infuses with only the freshest seafood.

captain's boil menu

If it’s your first time encountering a wild Seafood Boil (what up Pokemon reference!), you simply choose the type of seafood, the flavour (I’d recommend the Captain’s Boil) and then choose the heat. We kept our food fairly Medium and it was a nice little kick of spice, I’d be curious to try Spicy out next time. You then get a lovely bib and gloves to help you crack into your bounty without getting your hands too saucy.

captain's boil sizzling plate

You’ve got a whole ocean to choose from in terms of seafood: crawfish, lobster, dungeness crab, shrimp, king crab leg, snow crab legs, clams, mussels and …chicken slices!

captain's boil mussels

We were invited to a media dinner hosted by the restaurant and we were allowed to try all of these out. Before heading here, I went through their website and saw their emphasis on fresh seafood and I can assure you that the seafood I had that evening was quality seafood. The lobster and crabs were excellent and meaty and cooked quite well (not overly done). The shrimps are large in size, along with their mussels. The chicken slices are nice too, still pretty tender. I was quite shocked how large the King Crab legs were, but they were all very meaty inside.

captain's boil

They also offer appetizers and sides, like the shrimp basket (crispy breading and nice and tender on the inside with just enough snap to them), seafood fried rice, double fried fries, corn and even hot plate style dishes for lunch.

captain's boil shrimp basket

captain's boil

To celebrate their new location in Richmond, I’m giving away a $20 gift certificate for you to go check it out! Enter below, I will be choosing a winner on August 19th. Good luck! Congratulations to our winner below!

Disclosure: I was invited by Captain’s Boil to try their menu, and my meal was paid for. However (and as always), all opinions are my own.

For more information check out their website here:

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