The Richmond Night Market is well underway – this year’s theme is the Magical Dino Park. If you’re going with a big group, I’d recommend getting their Zoom Pass ($20, admission for 7 people and you skip the line). I think the biggest plus is skipping the ridiculously long line (more time eating, less time waiting!).

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There are some cool animatronic dinosaurs around the night market that will be sure to delight the kids. There is also a larger fair area that has games, those giant balls in the water and a bouncy castle for kids.

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There is also some interesting items – there’s a t-shirt shop that definitely has some Drake love…(and Justin Trudeau love too).

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And also the socks – I scored these great Sailor Moon socks!

Nathalie scored these socks:


But for me, the Night Market will always be about the food. Here are some highlights from this year that I’ve enjoyed:

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Ice Cream & Churros – One of my (many!) weaknesses – churros. Churros and ice cream is on another level.



BBQ in a cup – there are so many types of bbq you can get and depending on how adventurous you’re feeling you can even get liver, etc!



Grilled Squid – one of my favourite night market eats, there are a couple places in the night market where you can get it. We love getting the whole squid, which they will chop up afterwards for easier consumption!

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Taiyaki – you can get the plain version or now you can get the spruced up version with ice cream and cookies or candy. The ice cream version is a great alternative, but I still love the plain red bean taiyaki best.

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Poke – This bowl is a nice reminder of Hawaii, it’s a bit on the small size (and this one has extra poke).

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Korokke – Crispy on the outside but mash potatoes on the inside – this is not only one of my favourite dishes this year, but also from one of my favourite food trucks : Mogu.

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Deep fried veggies – Vegetables are better deep fried, ‘nuff said.