One thing I love about being a contractor is that your day can be as productive or as relaxed as you want it to be. I also enjoy the fact that I can take advantage of midweek specials – like the one offered at Scandinave Spa in Whistler.

Image provided by Scandinave Spa

The Scandinave Spa boasts over 20,000 square feet of outdoor spa amenities tucked away near Whistler Village. You enjoy the spa in silence, so it makes for a calm, serene experience that is just unlike anything I’ve ever experienced previously.

Inspired by European spas, Scandinavian baths are an interesting concept: you first dip into the hot baths, sit inside the eucalyptus steam room, sauna or waterfalls. This helps with circulation and releasing toxins. Then you cool your body down quickly by dipping in the cold (and I mean cold!!) baths to help strengthen your immune system. You then relax in their solarium or in one of their hammocks to relax. They recommend you do this circuit 3-4 times to maximize the benefits.

Image provided by Scandinave Spa

Additionally, they have massage packages. I went with the Swedish package with Liane, which included the 60 minute Swedish massage performed in the same room. It was remarkable how they could tell where our trouble spots were just by looking at our posture, but I also enjoyed the fact they gave us recommendations on how to decrease the tightness and trouble spots after the massage. My massage was done professionally and respectfully. There were times when my massage technicians used harder pressure but that can easily be changed just by letting them know.

I enjoyed my time at the Scandinave Spa, it definitely is a world class spa and a great place to unwind. With Whistler not being that far away, it’s a wonderful getaway from the city. Being surrounded by trees made me feel like we were nestled far and away from civilization. If you’re looking for a place to relax, I’d highly recommend visiting the Scandinave Spa and I look forward to my next visit soon!

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