In case you were wondering, Scandinave Spa is open all year round and as beautiful and majestic it is to visit during the winter, it’s just as nice a view during the summer time! With all the greenery, it truly feels liked you’re tucked away in a little haven of bliss.

What’s wonderful about visiting during the summer is that you get to enjoy the nice warmth of the sun on the decks they have in their buildings on the lower area.

Scandinave Spa is definitely my favourite spa to visit. The amenities are top notch, every part of the Scandinave Spa is modern, clean and welcoming. Every detail of the spa is in tune with nature – lots of great wood and stone elements throughout the property.

scandinave spa whistler summer

If you’ve never been to the spa, the experience is quite unique. The Scandinavian Baths help cleans the body and stimulate blood circulation. You go between hot temperatures to cold baths – and as insane as it sounds, it’s quite invigorating! The contrast between the two temperatures helps eliminate toxins, decreases inflammation and helps with circulation. This hydrotherapy is in the form of cold plunges, saunas and steam baths.

Another reason to visit? Silence. Many spas claim to be a quiet space, but it can still be distracting with chatter or other ambient noises. But at the Scandinave Spa, the quietness is wonderful. The only ambient noise you’ll hear is that of birds chirping nearby or the lapping of the water from the cold pools.

scandinave spa whistler summer

The Baths area are $65 (as of writing this post), which is not too bad for this unique spa experience. They also offer massages – I went for a Duo Swedish Massage the last time I was here with Liane. On occasion, they have local specials for BC residents, so it’s always great to check out their socials.

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