It’s been a crazy couple years for Gastrofork and I’m very proud to announce that we now have an official East Coast Editor: Adrian Ver. Adrian is a very dear friend of mine who not only has a culinary background, but is an absolute delight. I know that he will represent Gastrofork truly with his thoughts, unique voice and stories of being a recent transplant from Vancouver.

Toronto feels like a second home to me, as I spent a lot of time growing up there. So to have a correspondent to represent one of my favourite cities in the world and that area excites me! I can’t wait to visit him soon and re-discover the city together. Adrian will be contributing a couple times a month, but Gastrofork will still be deeply rooted here on the West Coast.

To celebrate and welcome Adrian, we want you to tell us where he should go to try in Toronto! Let us know below and if you’re selected, he’ll go to try out the place and give you a $25 gift card to go there and enjoy it yourself!

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