McDonald’s Canada has just recently launched a seasonal menu that includes Peppermint Mocha, Double Chocolate Pies, Turtle Sundaes and Waffle Cut Fries and a Potato Rosti and Bacon Burger.

mcdonald's seasonal cravings waffle cut fries

The Waffle Cut Fries are good, they’re much denser than their straight fry counterparts – would it lead me astray from the fries? Probably not. But they are fun to eat!

mcdonald's seasonal cravings potato rosti and bacon burger

The Potato Rosti and Bacon Burger is on the heavier side of McDonald’s burgers, which means you’ll get full faster. It has hickory smoked bacon, a potato rosti (similar to a hashbrown), cheese and a parmesan dressing. Very filling. Check out my video above!