You know those places that are so good and enjoyable that you want everyone to know about it because it’s good times but at the same time, you do not want everyone to know about it because if it gets too popular then you’re afraid it might change or you might not have as good of a time? This was my experience with Tocino Boys. Located in the West Queen West area, this resto-bar is two parts great food, one part hip and trendy, a pinch of A+ music, and a whole lot of “I think I had too many drinks and that guy is smiling at me but this tocino taco is giving me LIFE right now, boy bye.”

Nothing stands out more to Filipinos than hearing “Tocino and eggs for breakfast!” so the Tocino taco immediately caught my eye. For the uneducated, Tocino is basically pork combined with spices and sugar then left to cure. To cook it, it’s covered with just enough water and over medium heat until the fat renders and the angels up above start singing. But back to the meal. There was a variation of chicken tocino and I was a bit wary about that one, so I kept a mental note of it to try for later. I ended up getting the Double Supreme with the egg

Tocino Boys Taco


As well as a Tocino Taco


Tocino Boys Taco


Here’s both of ‘em


Tocino Boys Taco


In my head, this is an amped up version of a Filipino burger. The pan de sal aka milk bread is sweet and dense, making the perfect cradle to the crunchy cucumber and the star of the show: the tocino. Meaty goodness that’s not too heavy but is enough to fill you up. Topped with a sunny side egg and a generous sprinkling of pork crackling, $8.99 has never tasted more Filipino. It’s a bit of a messy dish so don’t forget to ask for extra napkins!


The taco version was also enjoyable. There’s something about putting more pork on a pork dish. If you’re a meat lover, you’re gonna want to try this. But if you pit it against the Double Supreme, I’d take the supreme any day. Mostly because I’m almost always hungry and a taco will not fill me up.


And between us ravenous vultures, we also shared the Mexican Poutine BAE style


Mexican Bae Poutine

BAE being an add-on of Bacon and Egg. This would have anyone saying “Uh, yeah.”


This is an interesting mix of flavours and textures. On one hand you have the fries, which are light and salty, but then you also have the chorizo that’s a bit heavier and sweet. It was kind of fun having the avocado hummus in there because you’re just like “Oh there’s guacamole on this poutine. That’s wild. Wait, it says on the menu it’s avocado hummus. Honestly though, I’m so hungry I’m just gonna dig in. Well that was an unexpected adventure for my taste buds.” At first I thought I’d want bigger, chunkier fries with this dish just to hold up all weight from the meat, the tzatziki, and the hummus but then realized smaller fries actually balances the dish out. I love things that balance! Flavours, accounting ledgers, my hormones. You know, just the usual stuff.


At this point most people would be quite full; these dishes are flavourful and filling. But because I have an insatiable appetite and have no control over myself whenever there’s food within a 20-mile radius, I decided to get the Sweet Chicken Tocino Taco.


Sweet Chicken Tocino Taco


Based on what I’ve already had, I knew that it was going to be delicious. Small bites of chicken, fried onions, diced tomatoes and some crunchy bits of chips. The only thing I’d complain about would be how I’d need to unhinge my jaw to fit everything in my mouth. (No jokes about “Shouldn’t you be used to that?” please and thanks) I like tasting everything in one bite.


Whether a local or visiting the city, make sure to stop by. PS they’re only open on the weekends – plan around that since almost everything in Toronto is likely

open everyday.