A little while ago, my best friend suggested we go to Angie’s Malaysian Eatery for dinner. She had been there previously for lunch, but had not come for dinner. Good Malaysian food is hard to come by here in Vancouver, so I was open to checking out a place I haven’t been to before.

angies malaysian eatery burnaby

Angie’s Malaysian Eatery is family owned and located in Burnaby. The space is on the smaller side with less than 10 tables. The eatery features photos of each of their dishes, which makes it easy for anyone to walk in and figure out what to order.

We may have over-ordered for just the two of us, but it’s always a fun time to eat with friends who enjoy food!

angies malaysian eatery burnaby
Roti Canai at Angie’s

We started off with roti canai, this version is flaky and pulls apart nicely without being too greasy. The dipping sauce is good, quite standard to what you’d expect when being served roti.

angies malaysian eatery burnaby

Up next, the Hainanese chicken. This is a good portion; the chicken is tender and not too salty. The sauce has more of a Malaysian twist to it – but honestly, I didn’t really need the sauce to enjoy the chicken as is.

angie's malaysian eatery burnaby

Our next dish is called the Seria Kolomee (named after the town Seria), which is BBQ pork, fried shallots, ground pork, fish tofu, bok choy on noodles. The BBQ pork was a bit on the dry side and I didn’t really find too much flavour from it, but the rest of the dish is good, especially when tossed with the pickled jalapeno peppers.

angie's malaysian eatery burnaby

Sambal Vegetables is our next dish and we ordered it Hot (because Nic loves her heat and she’s one of the only people I can go out to eat with that will kick up the spiciness!). It wasn’t painstakingly hot, but it was a nice heat that lingers. I loved that there is so much deep fried scallions on the top – it really mixed well with the vegetables and gave it a better crunch to it.

angie's malaysian eatery burnaby
Underneath all that deep fried onions is delicious tiger prawns!

Buttermilk Prawns was our final dish and it was the highlight of the evening. It’s hard to see from all the deep fried onions on top, but these large prawns are perfect. They’re deep fried to be crunchy but still tender on the inside. The sauce (which we also requested hot) has a nice heat to it without overpowering the dish. It’s creaminess really mixed well with the prawns. If there was a dish I would recommend and would stand out as a must try, it would be this one.

This mom n pop shop is a good place for Malaysian food in Burnaby, I’d come back if I were in the area – especially for the buttermilk prawns!

Food: 3.5

Service: 4.5

Value: 3.5

Ambiance: 3


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