Last week, I was invited by Starbucks to try their new Nitro Cold Brew. We were treated to a tasting, to see the difference between Cold Brew, Iced Coffee and their new Nitro Cold Brew.

starbucks nitro cold brew canada
Can you tell which is which? Iced Coffee, Cold Brew, Nitro (L to R)

The way they prepare Nitro Cold Brew is through chilling cold brew in a small keg. The Nitro Cold Brew is infused with nitrogen giving the coffee a smooth, creamy and lighter taste. It has a far milder taste than Iced Coffee and Cold Brew. The Nitro Cold Brew looks quite similar to Guinness when being poured out.

starbucks nitro cold brew canada

Nitro Cold Brew is served from the tap, cold and unsweetened without ice. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to put anything into it – it’s really great on it’s own.

starbucks nitro cold brew canada

As of now, you can only enjoy Nitro Cold Brew at 6 locations across Vancouver and one in Toronto: Denman and Davie St, 600 Dunsmuir, Robson and Thurlow, 2906 Hebb Avenue, 2193 W 41st, 930 Burrard and in Toronto at Brookfield Place (161 Bay St).

I look forward to the expansion of Nitro Cold Brew into more locations around me, as I feel it will become my go-to drink at Starbucks going forward.

Disclosure: Please note, I was invited to try the new Nitro Cold Brew, but all opinions, as always, are my own.