As our lives become easier with every innovation that is coming down the pipeline, you’ll find more and more services available online. One I’ve been keeping an eye on is the ability to purchase grocery items online. For someone who has poor time management skills (or a ‘hectic schedule’ as I keep telling myself) and also someone who is pro-technological advances, I fully embrace these innovations.


One particular service is Qualifirst, based here in Canada. Beginning as a supplier of quality ingredients and food products to chefs, restaurants and retailers, Qualifirst has just opened up to the public. To celebrate this, Qualifirst sent me some ingredients that made the perfect caesar including:

Black Diamond Sea Salt Flakes from 24k Maldon Canada
Denman Bitters from Bittered Sling
Black Cured Olives with Herbes de Provence from Barral
Togarashi Dry Chili Spice Powder from Yoshi
Grand Caesar cocktail mix from Caesar Craft.

It’s difficult to find some of these products locally all at one spot, you would have to hop from gourmet grocery stores to smaller specialized ones – but what a treat to have them all available at one place!

Typically, I’m not a big fan of caesars but this is the best caesar I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. The Grand Caesar cocktail mix is a great blend of fresh tomatoes and the chili spice powder gives the caesar a new kick you wouldn’t typically find in any restaurant.

For the Caesar Cocktail recipe, check out the video and recipe below:

Classic Caesar Drink Mix
Bittered Sling Denman Extract
Black Cured Olives
Togarashi 7-Spice Powde
Black Diamond Sea Salt
Ketel One Vodka
Celery Sticks
Slice of Lemon (for the rim)

1. In a tall glass, rim the top with lemon. In a shallow plate, shake some of the togarashi spice and black sea salt and rim the glass.
2. Add ice.
3. Add 1-2 oz of vodka.
4. Add the Grand Caesar mix (or tomato/clamato juice)
5. Add two drops of the Bittered Sling Denman extract
6. With a celery stick, stir your cocktail.
7. Garnish with your favourite items – we used pepperoncini and black olives. We also love sausages and bacon!

Disclaimer: I was sent product by Qualifirst to try but was not expected or paid to write this post.