Although Richmond is often known for it’s cheap Asian cuisine, there are pockets of places that provide a unique experience you never would’ve known you could get. One that I have passed by several times is Cafe Savoureux. For whatever reason, I’m never really fully prepared for coffee and dessert when I’m in the area – I’m normally coming from a large meal. But since I was tasked by Tourism Richmond to sum up some great places to grab a cup of coffee in Richmond, I felt it was high time that I visited this place.

cafe savoureux

Originally, I came earlier in May but they were away travelling. I’m glad I came back. The coffee shop is cute, with a lot of coffee paraphernalia from beans to machines on the wall and throughout the small shop. They serve a variety of different beans including Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and the Kopi Luwak. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is quite rare in the fact that they come all the way from Jamaica growing in the high altitudes and with a mix of rich soil and climate makes for a sweet but rich body and having very little acidity to their coffee.

The Kopi Luwak is made after the Asian Palm Civet ingests the coffee berries, are then digested (while the coffee beans are not) and create a special aroma within the coffee beans. And I’m assuming, this special aroma is a pleasant one as opposed to what I’d imagine it might smell like picking it.

Cafe Savoureux offers combos for their syphon coffees or teas and a slice of cake for $9.50. I ordered the Mocha Java with the Espresso Chocolate cake.

cafe savoureux

It’s served very daintily on bone china and the Mocha Java has a nice bit of acidity to it that I enjoy. If you were wondering, it is slightly sweet but by no means mocha flavoured! The Espresso cake is delicious, decadent and fulfilling.

cafe savoureux

Cafe Savoureux is a great place to catch up or if you’re a coffee fan, a great place to visit and experience.

Food/Drink: 4.5

Service: 4

Value: 4

Ambiance: 4


Visit their website here.

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