Pepper Lunch has opened their second location right along the Broadway corridor. The space is larger than it’s Richmond location, seating 40 guests on the ground floor and a private room upstairs available for parties.

The grand opening is Monday, but you can visit them during their soft launch this weekend. I’m sure there will be lineups though, so get there early!

All your favourites are available at this location, with the addition of brown rice being available here. They are also testing an house made curry sauce to serve alongside their offerings.

Much like their Richmond location, they use high quality meats including Sakura Pork.

We tried six of their offerings today – my favourites are always the Beef Pepper Rice, Kobe Burger and Salmon.

pepper lunch broadway-9793

The Kobe burger is served with a side of rice and is a great portion – very tasty and tender. This was the one that stood out to me today.

pepper lunch broadway-9787

The Beef Pepper Rice is one of their most popular dishes and tastes great with their garlic soy sauce. I like leaving the rice to cook a little longer on the plate before mixing it to get it a bit crispy.

pepper lunch broadway-9800

The Salmon Pepper Rice is made with sashimi grade salmon that is great by itself without any sauce! This is a good alternative protein – be sure not to over cook it to get the great flavour.

pepper lunch broadway-9790

They also have Shrimp Pepper Pasta served with a cream sauce that’s made in house. I think because I was busy taking photos, most of my cream sauce wasn’t properly mixed, so it was a bit on the dry side so make sure to mix it together and enjoy either right away or wait until it’s cool to mix it together.

pepper lunch broadway-9798

We tried the Kobe Burger with Sliced Angus steak too which is a great combination if you’re looking for something heavier but with different textures.

pepper lunch broadway-9796

If you have room for dessert, they also offer 7 different flavours of mochi: Green Tea, Black Sesame, Strawberry, Orange, Mango, Red Bean and Chocolate (although not pictured here). My favourites were the Red Bean, Green Tea and Black Sesame. The mochi ice cream is chewy on the outside as you would expect from mochi and have a creamy middle. I found the orange a bit too citrusy for my tastebuds, but I really enjoyed the Red bean – it was a nice light flavour with real red beans inside. I think with mochi, it’s best to stick with more traditional Asian flavours (red bean, green tea, black sesame).

pepper lunch broadway-9803

I’m really happy that Pepper Lunch is now open here in Vancouver – it’s so close to me now that I might have to go there more often for dinner or lunch! It is also so close to the Canadaline (Broadway Station and Olympic Village).

Please note: I was invited by Pepper Lunch to try out their menu prior to opening and my meal was paid for, however all opinions are my own.