With a slogan of Keeping Beer Weird, can we talk about how I love the homage to nerdy things in every one of their beers?

Fuggles and Warlock Richmond

Their tasting room is great. In the back is their brewery, but the tasting room consists of interesting food choices (there is sushi available from Guu) and a place to play video games.

Fuggles and Warlock Richmond

For our trip to the tasting room in Richmond, we gathered all our nerdy foodie friends – Amy (TheFoodQueen), Diana (Foodology), Liane (Liane Hung) and of course me and my sister, Nathalie.

Fuggles and Warlock Richmond

You can do a tasting flight of 4 beers for $7.

We chose:

The Last Strawberry, Kiwami Plum Sour, Destiny IPA and Four Winds Pilsner.

My favourites were:

The Kiwami Plum Sour (which I ended buying to bring home as it’s only a limited release). It was a nice, tart beer with light hoppiness to it. It’s a great beer for the summer time.


The Last Strawberry – a lighter beer that’s brewed with fresh strawberries and sweetened with lactose, again, another great summer beer.

The Destiny IPA is also a good choice, very light in hoppiness and had some citrus notes to it.

I’m glad to see them in pubs and local liquor stores – all the more reason to be sipping on some sweet, sweet Destiny while owning n00bs on Overwatch. 😉

For more information on Fuggles & Warlock, check out their website here: http://fuggleswarlock.com