A little while ago, Diana (Foodology), Amy (The Food Queen) and I got together to create some Hawaiian-inspired dishes. I think we’re going to do more at-home recipes together in the new year, so look forward to that! Today, I’m share one of the three recipes we used that evening – Spam Musubi!

A very simple dish to create – it’s perfect for a snack or even for lunch. You can skip dredging the spam if you can find Teriyaki Spam at your local grocery store!


Marination Sauce:
Soy Sauce or Oyster Sauce (enough to dredge or soak the spam in, depending on your taste)

1 can of Spam (Teriyaki Spam is most ideal), sliced
4 cups Sushi Rice
1 bottle of Sushi Seasoning (Mirin)
1 package of Nori Sheets
1 bottle of Furikake (Optional)

1. Cook sushi rice. When cooked, mix with mirin (follow the amount on the bottle or to taste).
2. Once cooled, using a plastic wrap, shape your sushi rice.
3. Dredge your sliced spam through soy sauce or oyster sauce (skip this step if you have teriyaki spam).
4. Fry spam until slightly crispy.
5. Place spam on top of sushi rice.
6. Cut nori sheets into 1.5″ wide long strips and wrap around the sushi rice and spam. Sprinkle Furikake on top if you’d like.
7. Enjoy hot!