Stanley Park Brewery’s WinterGlow

Stanley Park Brewery WinterGlow

Stanley Park Brewery began back in 1897 when they first established in (you guessed it) Stanley Park. It’s wonderful to hear that Stanley Park Brewery will be moving into the old Fish House space – it’ll have onsite brewing, a tasting room and areas for a bar, patio and special event spaces.

Stanley Park Brewery WinterGlow

Stanley Park Brewery creates Seasonal Brews, including the SunSetter (which I got to experience over the summer) and right now, the Winter Glow.

The Winter Glow is a Mandarin IPA which definitely has the aroma of it when poured. It’s more medium body and has a distinctive taste of hops to it.

Stanley Park Brewery invited us to try out the new Winter Glow and some of their other popular beers at a recent long-table dinner. They served some delicious food including BBQ chicken, steelhead, ratatouille and grapefruit pana cotta to pair with their Noble Pilsner, WinterGlow IPA, Windstorm Pale Ale and Foghorn IBA.

As I’m learning to develop my beer palate, I enjoyed their Windstorm Pale Ale the most and their Foghorn IBA. Like I mentioned before, their SunSetter is pretty good as well!

To learn more about Stanley Park Brewery, check out their website here:

Disclosure: I was invited to Stanley Park Brewery’s long table dinner to experience and taste their beers, but all opinions are my own.

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