I was recently approached by Ford to test out the latest Ford Explorer Limited. This seven-seater car is the largest car I’ve driven on the Ford fleet, and despite my initial fear, in no time I was eased into driving this SUV. I think my fear was not being able to gauge how much space I had around me, but with the front and back camera and sensors around the car, it’s a much easier drive.

2017 ford explorer limited front ruby red

I took the Explorer up to Whistler in early April and it handled the Sea to Sky highway like a dream. It has Electronic Power Assist Steering that you can control on the dashboard. It kept me in my lane with Ford’s lane assist technology. You can set the ‘strength’ of this assistance, mine was set somewhere in the middle but if you put it to it’s maximum, the car will correct itself back into your lane. On the setting I was on, you feel resistance on the wheel and know you need to get back into your lane. Similar to their other cars, there is parking assist that will help you parallel and stall park with ease.

The interior was leather with three rows. The third row is optional and can be changed with a touch of a button – you can create a flatbed, fold the seats or have them up for an additional two passengers to sit in, all while being pretty spacious for it’s capacity. Similar to the other Ford cars I’ve experienced, you are able to control the climate within your zone and the front two seats have heating and cooling options. Something that was new for me was the front two seats have a massage function where you can set height and strength of the massage. It was interesting, but something I’d probably prefer more as a passenger!  This massage function and lumbar support can be controlled from the central touch screen of the car.

2017 ford explorer limited front ruby red

The Ford Explorer has some great additions to it including USB chargers, plugs and even an SD card reader. You may also choose a colour theme to the interior of the car – especially where the cupholders are, which is a nice touch. The steering wheel is also heated, which was perfect for when we were up in Whistler for a couple days. Fuel wise, it’s average as SUVs come – it holds about 70.4 litres of fuel.

The exterior is clean, modern and has a nice sporty kind of look to it. I  drove their vibrant Ruby Red colour and loved it!

2017 ford explorer limited front ruby red

I really enjoyed driving the Ford Explorer Limited, if I were to expand my family, I would definitely consider this over a traditional mini-van. I’d also keep the Ford Explorer in consideration if I were to upgrade to a larger SUV overall.

Check out my video on the 2017 Ford Explorer Limited:

For more information on Ford and the 2017 Ford Explorer, check out their website here: http://www.ford.com/suvs/explorer/2017/models/explorer-limited/

Disclosure: I was offered to take the Ford Explorer Limited for a week by Ford. I was not paid to write this post.