Late last year, I started vlogging. I’ve been so fascinated with different Youtubers and what resonated with me the most is how approachable and down to earth the Youtubers I follow were. I’ll probably never be chosen to be on TV nor would I want to, but for some reason, making videos feels a lot more ‘safer’. It’s like having a conversation with a friend – although your friend, at the time of recording, is a camera!

I started vlogging for three reasons:

  1. To share my adventures with family and friends.
    Sometimes, its hard to put into words what I’ve been up to, or where I’ve been. The best way I feel I can express myself is visually and through writing. So these videos are an extension of Gastrofork, my blog. It’s a great place for people to catch up and follow along – especially for friends and family who are in different parts of the world.
  2. I love filming.
    Way back in the day when I was in high school and all I really wanted to do was create. I wanted to make films: write them, create them, edit them – everything. As you can imagine, it is so hard to break into that industry and it is costly to have all the equipment you need to do it properly. I made a few shorts (with a couple of them going to a film festival and dissected by not-so-kind film critics!) and I even shot and choreographed a music video (which, ahem, hopefully wont see the light of day again). If I could, I would just focus on filming and doing what I love most. Youtube is that happy medium where you don’t necessarily need big budgets, approvals or someone telling you what to do to create content.
  3. Taking people behind the scenes.
    A lot of the comments I get when I meet people are mostly how fun it must be being a food writer. But I also get questions like “How do I start up my own blog?” , “What can I do to get noticed?”, “How do I start making Youtube videos?” – I want to answer all these questions and more. I want to provide insight into being a ‘food blogger’, what it’s really like going to events (not as exciting as you imagine) and to really get to know me as a person as well. This terrifies me a bit – putting myself on camera, as I’m used to being behind one, but I know it’s important for my personal growth as a person. I have to say the more I do it, the less awkward it’s becoming.

I have so much fun filming! Sometimes I get to film with my friends and family – thats always the best time. I still have a lot to learn and the channel will continue to grow and change as I change.  I hope you’ll have a chance to check it out, tell me what you want to see on the channel either here on this post, on my Youtube channel or on social media. I’m always here to answer questions and get to know everyone.

I’m sharing my Vlog playlist here, but I also do recipes, travel reviews and much more.

There is always a recipe or travel video posted on Thursdays and a Vlog/bonus video every Sunday.

So be sure to check it out. Thank you 🙂