I recently took a day trip to Squamish with Diana in a Ford Flex that we borrowed from Ford Canada. I’d have to say that this 7 seater was the largest of the Ford cars I’ve driven in. I was a little anxious to drive it since it was so big, but I felt very comfortable and very safe in it.

ford flex canada 2017 limited

The Ford Flex is pretty spacious, especially if you’re sitting in the first two seats as a driver or passenger. The back is comfortable too. The design of the interior is simplistic and clean, the central control is mostly touch based and works similar to other Ford cars.

Temperature control is controllable from the front panel and also in the middle row. Climate control is available for the driver and passenger. Accessibility is good too, there are two usb connections and chargers available in the middle glove compartment. There is also an area in the central control area to keep your phone in. There is a plug in the middle console for the middle row.

ford flex canada 2017 limited

Each row features a multi-panel Vista Roof that has a total of 4 skylights – the first row is controlled with the front console, the other ones have retractable shades.

The middle row has a middle section that can hold two drinks or a centre storage area that can keep your beverages cool during your road trip!

The last row can be controlled with a panel in the trunk area. You have several options including stow, seat and tailgate. I was curious about the tailgate option – it basically flips the seats over so that you can sit on them if you had the trunk open.

As with other Ford cars, the Flex offers a rear view camera with backup assistance and also the Active Park Assist function that will help you parallel park (which is perfect with a big car). Speaking of safety, the Ford Flex also offers a heads-up display that flashes a bright red light and emits a warning if it senses a potential collision. The Ford Flex was also highly sensitive to objects around it with the sensors, indicating if there is a car or object on your left or right.

The exterior of the Flex is more box-like but the dark blue colour is a nice one.

ford flex canada 2017 limited

The Ford Flex is a good crossover SUV, if you’re looking to haul big items or if you have an expanding family but don’t want to go the mini-van route, this could be a great option.

For more information on the Ford Flex, check out the website here: http://www.ford.ca/crossovers/flex/

Disclosure: I was offered to take the Ford Flex Limited for a week by Ford. I was not paid to write this post.