I remember when Noodlebox first came out several years ago – I would trek to the Kitsilano location for my fill of super spicy noodles, which at the time were few and far between. I would say that Noodlebox was one of the first quick service restaurants that incorporated local, fresh ingredients in a way that is pretty standard nowadays here in Vancouver.

Besides that, Noodlebox also works with sustainable and ethical producers who provide premium ingredients. Many dishes are highly customizable to accommodate dietary restrictions.

There are new items that they’ve introduced to their menu which includes:

Crispy Thai Wings (made with sweet, sour and salty Thai sauce).

Photo provided by Noodlebox

Bombay Mac and Cheese (that’s served with either pulled pork or vegetarian made with vindaloo and paneer).

Photo provided by Noodlebox

And Crispy Shanghai Chicken (fried chicken bites in sweet chilli, fried with peppers, ginger, cashews, carrot and Asian slaw on jasmine rice).

Photo provided by Noodlebox

These dishes are available at all Noodlebox locations in June. I can’t wait to try them out! As you probably know, I love supporting local businesses and that Bombay Mac and Cheese is calling my name.

For more information, check out their website at: http://noodlebox.ca