Sippy Tea is a stall at the Richmond Night Market that serves up iced tea and coffee mix (or as they call it “teaffee”. While the mixing of tea, coffee and milk is not a new concept – especially to those who love their Hong Kong style milk teas – serving them in a pouch is different! While I was walking around the night market, I saw many people walking with this tea-coffee mix in a bag and I just had to check it out for myself.

sippytea 2017 richmond night market

Sippy Tea’s line up includes some interesting flavours like Thai Coconut, Chocolate Lavender and Chai Coconut. I tried the London Fog – it had a nice, mild flavour of the tea. I found the drink not too sweet, which is perfect, as many of the drinks at the night market tend to run on the sweet side. Sippy Tea incorporates real ingredients: freshly brewed medium roast coffee and real tea leaves (as opposed to instant or powdered) and real coconut milk for their coconut drinks.

sippy tea 2017 richmond night market

The packaging is cute and definitely something that caught my eye while I was walking around the night market. I’d recommend checking them out and trying more of their interesting flavours. Each Sippy Tea pouch ranges from $6-$6.50.

For more information on Sippy Tea, check out their Instagram here: