The M.O. of our Vegas trip this time around was to watch the Backstreet Boys – Larger Than Life at The Axis Theatre in Planet Hollywood. I’ve never had the chance to experience them live in concert and this is the closest I’ll get to see them!

I’m not going to give too much away but there are some mild “spoiler” type talk, so if you’re going to see the show, I’lll put a spoiler tag before those parts.

The concert has a couple montages of the 20 (!!) years the Backstreet Boys have been around – some familiar, some behind the scenes footage. The remixes during these are really good and I hope I’ll be able to find it somewhere on the interwebs.

The production value of the concert was one of the best I’ve seen at a concert – the light show and the way the entire concert was laid out was great – mixing slow songs and faster songs, adding a bit of flare to the classics.

If you’re a “casual” BSB fan, you’ll enjoy this concert as they cover most (if not all) their hits. If you’re a more hardcore BSB fan, you’ll get some of the classics and lesser known songs too.

backstreet boys las vegas june 2017

There are a couple times where the boys interact with the audience, and during my show, AJ’s daughter was in the audience and he brought her up and sang to her (which was really sweet). *Spoiler* There’s one part about 3/4s into the concert where the boys stand at different parts of the audience and start the song singing there – I was so lucky to be about two rows away from AJ! Be warned that a lot of people will rush the area, so expect a bit of a crunch during the time – but still very cool!

The BSB relived some of their old choreography, but there is some new choreography that’s just as good. During costume changes, they have dancers come out on the stage and dance to some remixes of songs they don’t sing live (Boys Will Be Boys, for example).

The show is super energetic, there was never a point where it felt like it lagged and everyone was up in their seats singing and dancing along. They sang live and still could be in great harmony!

I recently learned that the Backstreet Boys will be a permanent show in Las Vegas which means you can go experience them! I’d definitely recommend checking out the concert, like I mentioned earlier, the production value was great and you will definitely be entertained by their antics (apparently have not changed much in the last 20 years). I know I’ll be listening to Backstreet Boys for the next couple of weeks!

SPOILER?..I think?…. Oh and don’t forget to stay after the concert ‘ends’, as there is an extra song!

If I head to Vegas again, I will definitely see the show again. I had seats about half way up and they were perfect – especially if you want to have them sing in front of you!