A meeting took me to Lost and Found Cafe, located in Gastown on East Hastings. Lost and Found has a lot of space to it and filled with many soft, comfortable chairs and desks to sit at. The vibe kind of reminded me of the recently closed Our Town Cafe.


They have a coffee bar so you’ll be able to order any espresso drinks along with your regular drip coffees. There are a selection of baked goods as well.

I ordered a latte and a blueberry muffin. My latte was piping hot and wasn’t too bitter. The blueberry muffin was pretty large, chock full of blueberries but surprisingly not too sweet. I did enjoy it very much. The Cafe has wifi but it’s with Telus/Shaw Open. It’s definitely a good place to get some work done or to have a meeting.

Food/Drink: 3.5

Service: 3

Value: 3

Ambiance: 3