A couple weeks ago, I was sent these gorgeous Sudio Regent earphones that go over ear, to try. They are my first pair of wireless earphones and I don’t know why I haven’t made the switch sooner! Having wireless earphones are the future – I could walk around my home and do work while listening to my favourite tunes and not have to worry about cords or having my phone with me all the time.

sudio headphones regent-4332

That being said, the wireless range is pretty good, I walked through my entire house (not that it’s a huge house) but through several rooms and never had a connection issue.

sudio headphones regent-4332

Overall, the sound quality is pretty good too. I like that the earphones are comfortable and conforms to your head – it’s hard to find a good pair that doesnt hurt after having it on for a long while.

sudio headphones regent-4332

I took my Regent earphones on my recent vacation and they were fantastic in the air. They have good sound dampening, so there was very little (if any) ambient noise from the plane when I was listening to my music. They also fold up pretty easily and are fairly lightweight. The one thing I wish is that they come with a pouch so that they wont get dirty.

sudio headphones regent-4332

Connectivity-wise, the bluetooth was fairly straight forward to set up. Enable bluetooth on the device you want to sync, then hold the middle button until you hear a beep inside and that’s it! You can now control the volume, skipping songs and pause/play from either your device or the earphones. It’s pretty easy to switch from phone to laptop as well, it’ll give you a confirmation beep when it’s connected to the proper device.

In the box, the Sudio Regent earphones come with a charging USB wire and a traditional wire if you do want to use that instead.

sudio regent earphones vegas

You can also change up the caps on the side of your Sudio Regents, there are 4 designs – I went with the white marble to match my laptop. These are pretty easy to switch out – although the first time you do it, the original caps might be locked into place a little bit more. You simply turn the caps and they’ll pop out.

The battery time in the Sudio Regent is really good, its 24+ hours when you use it frequently and 20 days if you do not. You can charge it in about 10 minutes (a quick charge), for a full charge it takes 2 hours. Since I received them and brought them to Las Vegas, I’ve only had to charge them twice – once when I opened the box and then once more (even though it wasn’t close to being low battery).

I will definitely be using these when I travel, when I’m taking transit and at home. They’re great, lightweight and have a very good sound quality.

sudio regent white las vegas

For more information on Sudio earphones, check out their site here: https://www.sudiosweden.com

Disclaimer: I was sent Sudio earphones for review but I was not paid to write this post. All opinions are my own.