On a recent trip to Squamish, we went to check out Backcountry Brewing’s tasting room.  The space is large with a long table area and spaces at the bar to hang out. There is also a growler fill area if you just want to come in for that as well.

backcountry brewing squamish

Backcountry Brewing also serves a surprising amount of food (unlike many breweries here in Vancouver) including pizzas, salads and snacks.

backcountry brewing squamish

We did some flights of beer, I ordered the Squamish Logger, Ridgerunner Pilsner, Trailbreaker Pale Ale and Widowmaker IPA.

The Squamish Logger Lagger is one of my favourites, it was very easy to enjoy and drink.

The Ridgerunner Pilsner is dry but hoppy that is enjoyable.

The Trailbreaker Pale Ale has a nice, slightly citrusy taste to it but still very hoppy.


The Widowmaker (and no, not the hateful annoyance that is Widowmaker in Overwatch) was my favourite overall, it had a nice citrus-sweet flavour to it with very little aftertaste of the hops.backcountry brewing squamish

Amy also ordered one of their pizzas – the Soppresetta ($16). On the pizza you’ll find Soppresseta, kalamata olives, confit garlic, onion, chili and cream sauce. The pizza had a nice flavour profile, a little bit of heat and a whole lotta delicious garlic on it.

If you’re heading up to Squamish, make sure to visit and support the local breweries including this one!

For more information on Backcountry Brewing, check out their website here: https://www.backcountrybrewing.com

Food/Drink: 3.5

Service: 3.5

Value: 4

Ambiance: 4.5

OVERALL: 3.5/5