Honolulu Vibes – Visuals of Honolulu, Hawaii

When you say Hawaii, I think blue skies, clear waters, friendly and welcoming locals – paradise. While many prefer the quieter islands, Honolulu is a beautiful blend of nature, island life and a bourgeoning city. There’s no need to look at a watch or check your phone, you just live in the moment. When it gets too warm, magically a nice breeze comes through. Architecturally speaking, there are many high rises from the 50s-70s that you can tell by the style as you walk through downtown Honolulu. Travel further into Oahu and you’ll find the cinematic elegance of the rolling hills and cliffs that often serve as backdrops to many movies. One of my favourite places to travel to, I was lucky to travel recently with my entire family. Oahu is yours to explore.


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