I was recently invited to Rocky Mountain Flatbread to celebrate the launch of their new brunch menu, available at the Main Street location daily!

I’ve been a fan of Rocky Mountain Flatbread for a while now because their food, while healthy is still quite enjoyable and tasty. Also, if you have a family – they are SO family friendly! While I was there, they had a mommy/baby yoga class and then they made lemonade together (too cute).

rocky mountain flatbread main street

Although we came for brunch, we were also tempted to try two other dishes – one dish off their lunch menu and one of their famous flatbread pizzas. We went with the Tequila Cod & Shrimp flatbread, the Spicy Rooster sandwich and their Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon.

rocky mountain flatbread main street tequila cod shrimp pizza

We started off with the Tequila Cod & Shrimp flatbread pizza ($16.50) – it’s made with an avocado base, lime tequila marinated cod and baby shrimp, with mango, red bell peppers, red onion, serrano peppers and cilantro. I really enjoyed this pizza, mostly because it was loaded! The flavour profile is an interesting mix, you definitely get the bright notes from the lime and mango, the savoury and not too salty taste from the cod and shrimp and then the heat from the serrano peppers. I thought this pizza was very well balanced in terms of flavour and I would definitely order it again.

rocky mountain flatbread main street spicy rooster sandwich

Up next is the Spicy Rooster sandwich ($13.50). This sandwich is made with chipotle aioli cream, arugula, cured tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, spicy certified organic chicken and aged white cheddar melted on the top. This spicy, savoury sandwich packs a whole lot of flavour into it’s chicken and cleans the palate with the tomatoes and arugula. The cheese and the crispiness of the bread give it a nice weight to it to make it a fulfilling meal.

rocky mountain flatbread main street eggs benedict

Finally, what we came for – brunch! The Eggs Benedict ($15.50) is served on a Le Beau Belgium waffle with your choice of avocado, smoked salmon or cured ham on top along with a fresh heirloom tomato salad. I love the density of having a Belgium waffle underneath, it gives it a nice weight, texture and a slightly sweet flavour to round off the the smoked salmon and deliciously perfect egg. The hollandaise sauce is great too. I really love the addition of the heirloom tomatoes, it balances the dishes to give it a nice bright flavour.

rocky mountain flatbread main street warm double chocolate brownie

I almost forgot – we also tried their Warm Double Chocolate Brownies ($7.95) – created with Callebaut chocolate and served with fresh whip and house made vanilla ice cream. This brownie was soft and decadent, amazing with every bite. The vanilla ice cream and whip were not too sweet, which was perfect to accompany this delicious brownie. This is a must every time you come here!

If you’re craving for a delicious and healthy brunch, I would definitely recommend checking out Rocky Mountain Flatbread.

What I was not aware of was the fact that they do a lot of community projects including EarthBites – a team of urban farmers and nutritionists that work with local schools and teach them how to grow their own food and create seasonal snacks. I hope to get out and volunteer in the coming months!

They also have fundraising helpers and offer field trips to elementary school children.

For more information, check out their website here: http://rockymountainflatbread.ca/

Please note that I was invited by Rocky Mountain Flatbread to check out their new brunch menu and my meal was paid for, but all opinions are my own.