When summertime hits, the best fruits come into season and any way I can enjoy them, I will. For the most part, many people wouldn’t think of having a salad at a fast food restaurant. But if there is one place to this exception, it’s Wendy’s. Simply because they always provide delicious options that are reasonably priced. This could be said about their new Strawberry Mango Chicken salad.

wendys strawberry mango salad

It’s refreshing, slightly sweet, tart and full of crunch. Theres honey roasted sunflower seeds, grilled chicken breast and feta which is then drizzled in a honey citrus vinaigrette. I love that the chicken is served hot and that this salad is actually quite filling. At Wendy’s, ripe strawberries and lettuce is hand cut every day in the restaurant (unlike many other fast food joints). It’s a smart choice if you’re on the go or don’t have the time to meal prep. In the perfect world, we would be able to grow, harvest and enjoy our own greens, but let’s face it – easier said than done!

wendys strawberry mango salad

In a survey recently commissioned by Wendy’s Canada, they’ve found that 72% of Canadians are looking for shortcuts to make their lives easier during summer months. When I think about ways we can make this imperfect world a little easier, I know the best way to start is with yourself and empowering those around you. Although we’ve come to accept a world where were connected 24/7 through our smart devices,  it’s important to also be mindful of those around you. Be it helping an elderly person with their groceries or complimenting someone on the street- this small gesture might change the course of their day.

To extend a small piece of this, I’ve partnered up with Wendy’s to introduce their new Strawberry Mango Chicken salad and give you, my loyal readers a chance to win 2 x $15 giftcard to try the salad yourself and enjoy your favourite items at Wendys.

There are a couple ways to enter, see below. I will choose 2 winners at random on July 27. Good luck! 

Congratulations Wendy & Pam! 
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