When we landed in Las Vegas, we were hungry. We checked into our hotel and since it was a balmy 38 degrees outside, we were looking for a place close enough to our hotel that wasn’t a long walk. The Monte Carlo connects to Aria via the tram area, so we walked through to Aria in search of food. Right at the connection point when you enter Aria is Burger Lounge. It’s clean and bright atmosphere coaxed us in to have a look.

burger lounge at aria

Upon further inspection, the Burger Lounge offered sustainable, health-conscious and grass-fed beef (and vegetarian dishes). In the city of excess, go figure the Vancouverites would hone in on one of the more healthier options on the Strip!

burger lounge at aria

I ordered the Lounge Burger served with fresh, single source grass-fed beef and organic cheese, fresh onion, lettuce, tomato and house-made 1000 island dressing. I also went with the half and half sides – french fries and onion rings. And the Big Lounge Chocolate Shake.

aria burger lounge-6905

My burger was good, not too salty and definitely fresh. The patty is a bit flat, it could definitely use a bit more volume to it. The bun held up really well with the patty, but overall, it felt like a little too much bun for the patty.

My fries and onion rings were okay. The onion rings were slightly overcooked (as you can tell by the browning) and not perfectly breaded. The fries were good though – crispy exterior and soft interior.

aria burger lounge-6907

My milkshake was good – not overly sweet and easy to drink. There isn’t any over powering flavour in it, but a nice treat in the heat.

Overall, it was good, fast meal – there is definitely a lot of room for improvement here. I think it’d be great to see some healthy topping items if they’re going the healthier route. Also the patty needs to be amped up a little bit, it’s a little too flat for my liking.

Food: 3

Service: 3

Value: 2.5

Ambiance: 4