The Luxury & Supercar Weekend has just rolled by (badumtiss!) this past weekend. If you’re a big fan of super cars, you’ll want to check this event out next year.

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The event happens at VanDusen Botanical Garden and you can stroll through classic, vintage cars, brand new luxury cars, watch a fashion show, nosh on some food and sip the latest and greatest beers and spirits.

pagani huayra luxury supercar weekend

This year’s event featured the 2017 Pagani Huarya Roadster – valued at $4.5 million, the 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom ($750,000) and the Karma Revero ($201,000).

TROVE was also present. They are supercar condos created for your collection. Located near the Richmond Auto Mall, Trove will feature condos made for car storage in a luxurious way (ranging $600-$900k, if you were wondering).


I can’t say I’m a BIG car nerd, although I know a few and I know they would’ve loved to check out all the beautiful cars at Luxury & Supercar Weekend. I really enjoyed checking them out and seeing the details that went into each car. The level of dedication and craftsmanship always astounds me.

Some of my favourites from the show included the McLaren P1, the Acura NSX and of course the beautiful Pagani Huayra Roadster.

I did a recap during the media tour, check it out here:

For more information on the event, check out their website here: