With Rachelle Goudreau, Tyler Dawson and Jason Yamasaki leading the seminar, we dove into several wines around the world that are great at their price point. A lot of people believe that wine is only good if it’s expensive, but there are plenty of examples of great wines at a good price. Sometimes you just want a wine that will go with dinner that evening, or maybe one that would go well in sangria. For us, when it comes to affordable wines, we normally go for locally made products, but it’s always interesting to learn about ones around the world that we can enjoy. These wines stand the test of great taste at a good price.

whistler cornucopia-top value wines

Here are our thoughts on the wine:

Medici Ermete Concerto Lambrusco Reggiano – one of the highlights of the seminar, this wine was juicy, fresh and bubbly.

Famille Bougrier Muscadet Sevre et Maine – this wine was very light and easy to drink.

Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Riseling – the wine is very dry but had fruity notes.

Cono Sur Bicicleta Viognier – it was very fruity and peachy in flavour.

whistler cornucopia-top value wines

Protea Chenin Blanc – this wine is crisp and tangy

Borsao Garnacha – another fruity wine with low acidity

La Bastide Rouge – another highlight of the evening, the wine has cherry notes and is smooth and drinkable with a medium body.

Emiliana Organic Vineywards Coyam – this wine was rich and unique in flavour

Bodega Garzon Reserva Tannat – soft and approachable but had a strong tannin presence.

Torre del Falasco Ripasso – this was a dry wine with hints of fruit and smoke.

For more information on the seminar and Cornucopia, check out their site here: https://whistlercornucopia.com/