It’s that time of year again where…you’re probably starting to freak out about what to get certain people for the holiday. But that’s ok, you’re not alone! I wanted to share some items I came across in the last couple months and some other ideas as to what to get for gifts this year. Just so you know – I don’t get any kickbacks from you buying any of this, so shop with ease friends.

  1. TWG Tea (Varies – $20)
    For the tea lover in your life, you’ll want to treat them to a delicious cup of tea. Right now, they have a special tea for the holidays: Joy of Christmas, but they have so many different types of tea, you’ll be able to find the perfect one!
  2. Tantalus Vineyards Blanc de Noir Sparkling Wine (Varies – $37)
    Everyone deserves a little bubbly during the holidays, and one of my favourites this year hails from Tantalus Vineyards in the Okanagan Valley. The taste? Slightly sweet, dry and the bubbles practically dance in your mouth.
  3. Noodlebox’s Chili Chocolate Truffles ($10)
    A fusion of my two favourite things: spiciness and chocolate. You’d be surprised to know that Noodlebox in collaboration with Chocolate Arts offers these lovely truffles for the season! Made with 61% dark chocolate ganache and birds eye chillies, each box contains mild to hot!
  4. Wayne Gretzky Whisky (Varies)
    For the serious whisky collector, you’ll want to add Wayne Gretzky’s Ninety Nine Proof Whisky ($99) to your repertoire. Created by the talented Joshua Beach (Master Distiller and also, fun fact, one of the founding members of Odd Society Spirits here in Vancouver), this whisky has notes of toffee, spicy and grain with a nice, sweet smoke to it.

    If you’re looking for something a little more fun and festive, check out their Canadian Cream ($34.95), which is their version of Bailey’s — but far better! Think almond, cream, dark biscuit and nutmeg.

  5. Grouse Mountain Tubing
    Go sliding down Grouse Mountain – it’s the perfect activity for families or for a fun date. Rentals are $5 for the day or $10 for the whole season!
  6. Brewery Tour with Friends
    Walking the East Village brewery route is a lot of fun with friends – check out the different breweries and microdistilleries and get a lil tipsy in the process.
  7. This cute Gudetama lunch thermos
    He’s everyone’s favourite lazy egg and now you can share your lunch time mehs. This thermos is super cute, durable and from Japan!
  1. These four ingredient Nutella Cookies
    Cuz nothing says I appreciate you than home made Nutella cookies! These are my favourite treats to make during the holidays.