When walking towards St. Lawrence market, Paulina and I came across Neo Coffee Bar. This super cute and chic coffee shop that is pretty unassuming.

neo coffee bar-8172

On the inside, it’s a lovely mix of concrete, hardwood and interesting décor. They serve up a mean cup of coffee and also some dainty roll cakes. You’re able to have your coffee several ways including espresso,drip, pour overs and more. There is also a nice choice of teas and other items you can have if you’re not feeling like a caffeine buzz.

neo coffee bar-164050

neo coffee bar-8173

There roll cakes are Japan-inspired including matcha and adzuki, shingen (gyuhi rice cake and red bean), matcha white chocolate, Kurogoma (black sesame) and many more to choose from.

neo coffee bar-8174

neo coffee bar-164222

I had a warming, delicate cup of hot chocolate – not too sweet and at the perfect temperature. The chocolate is not too bitter but has a nice little bite to it.

Food/Drink: 4

Service: 4

Value: 4

Ambiance: 4.5