The holidays may be over, but we are rolling right into awards season and if you’re a fan of hosting parties in general, you’ll want some go-to recipes that are easy but chic!

One of my favourite and simple recipes to make is smoked salmon crostinis. To make it even more fabulous, I topped it off today with a bit of caviar.

nanuk ocean seafood smoked salmon-8250

I was sent some Nanuk Smoked Salmon from Ocean Foods for the holidays – which was perfect for entertaining! Looking into the brand a bit more, I was happy to learn that this product is Canadian-sourced, caught right here and using only wild Pacific salmon.

To make this appetizer, you’ll need:

1 package Nanuk Smoked Salmon, cut into halves
1 small/medium baguette, cut into small pieces and toasted with butter (or to save time, pre-made crostini)
1 227g cream cheese (herb and garlic would be best here)
fresh dill, chopped
1 small jar of caviar


1. Arrange crostini on your plate.

2. Spread a generous amount of cream cheese onto the crostini

3. Sprinkle some dill.

4. Roll the smoked salmon and place on top.

5. Spoon a bit of caviar on top of each.

6. Sprinkle again with some dill.

Super easy right? Also super tasty. The smoked salmon is so tender and of high quality, balanced with the cream cheese, they cut the more briny taste of the caviar.

For more information on OceanFoods Nanuk Smoked Salmon, check out their website here: