It’s been a month since Brian gifted me our Roomba and I wanted to share my thoughts on it overall as a first time Roomba user.

The Roomba is a smart robot that can connect to your phone – you can schedule your Roomba to clean whenever and begin cleaning with a touch of a button on the iRoomba app.

It is quieter than I expected it to be and it’s kind of entertaining to watch it encounter things in our place and sometimes bump into things – its like a little drunk BB-8.


I think over time, the Roomba has become more accustomed to our space and cleans more efficiently/faster. It took about a week for it get to know our space.

In terms of it cleaning, it does a good, basic clean. It definitely wouldn’t replace a real vacuum if you had a huge mess to clean, but for day-to-day cleaning, it’s perfect. It picks up dirt , food and more importantly – my hair (which seems to be everywhere). On the dust end, if the dust is a little on the thick side, it doesn’t pick it up as well.

Since I’ve started using it, I’ve only had to empty out the bin once – it will also tell you when it needs to be emptied, and on the app tells you how full the bin actually is.

roomba-960-reviewirobot roomba 960 review

The iRobot app is pretty cool because you can schedule your Roomba to clean from anywhere and after it’s done a job, it’ll show you the square footage of where it was able to clean. This is a great way to see the Roomba evolve and learn where to go.

irobot roomba 960 review

Some of the downsides of the Roomba is that it likes to climb over our speakers and I’m afraid it’ll ruin the motor on it, but it seems to be fine for now. It likes to eat cords too, so I often have to push them to a place where it can’t get to it or move the cords entirely.

Overall, I really enjoy my Roomba, it’s made my life a lot easier and it’s great to have and to use on a day-to-day basis. It keeps our place spic and span!