Pizza is a pretty good escape from the rain. I went to Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company to try their Valentine’s Menu.

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Before we started our pizza journey, we went to Koko Monk.

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The owner went through a couple flavour tastings, but can I get straight to what I thought was cool? They offer this tomato, raspberry, white hot chocolate with rose for the Hot Chocolate Festival. It’s called ‘A Non Conformist’s Plea for an Imaginary Summer’. I’ve haven’t had such a hearty, savoury hot chocolate and never with tomato. It was very creative and its warmth and vegetable-taste did remind me of summer months ahead. Very, very unique indeed. Their chocolates themselves are more of a flavour journey as the profile changes as you let the inside of the chocolate melt on your tongue. We tried the passion fruit, mango & tequila with chilli and Salted Rose Caramel, but the one that was memorable to me was the Mango & Tequila with Chilli filling. It starts off with mango and gets into the strong flavour of tequila, but then bam – my brain went to something like siraicha. On the opposite end of the spectrum, my second favourite was the Salted Rose Caramel. I love rose hip jam, and I love how this flavour journey started off bold, full bodied and sweet, but ended off on a fleeting, floral taste.

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We ventured back into Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company. The reason why we went to Koko Monk is that the chocolate is part of the Valentine’s Menu. And before I get into the menu, I’m also going to skip to something awesome. I loved their Harvest pizza. I’m not a vegan, but it is vegan friendly and it is so good.

harvest flatbread rocky mountain  

Harvest has Organic Tomato Sauce, Kale, Crimini Mushrooms, Seasonal Squash, Cherry Tomatoes, Three Herb Pesto and Vegan Cau Drizzle. The drizzle is made from cauliflower, nutritional yeast (which i looove), organic apple cider, lemon juice and garlic. The yeast was the selling point, the owner saw my eyes light up at yeast, and she brought me the pizza even though I said I was full. It is clever that the squash looks like cheese too! I will have to try their Avocado Veg pizza too. What’s better than avocado toast? Pizza!

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For their Valentine’s menu, you can choose a salad, soup or mushroom caps as a starter. Might I recommend the mushroom caps? They’re so deliciously marinated and roasted.

wild mushroom rocky mountain flatbread valentines-24


You get to choose a pasta or flatbread as a main. I also really enjoyed the Wild Mushroom, which has garlic oil base, spinach, mixed BC wild mushrooms and local fresh mushrooms. I liked the Canadian as well as a meat option – has all the fixings of a guilty pizza trip but at a fine dining level.

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When it came down to the dessert, it was hard to pick which dish was my favorite.

brownie rocky mountain flatbread valentines-33

The warm fudge brownies served with ice cream is also vegan. I liked how it was gooey and not sweet.

apple crumble rocky mountain flatbread valentines-34

The apple crumble was amazing. It is a good warm dish to take you away from the cold weather, the crumble part with the cinnamon is warm and chewy.

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This would be a very nice spot to go for Valentine’s or any romantic meal, considering Koko Monk is just across the street. If you are trying to impress someone, this is the place. Bonus points: Rocky Mountain is also very kid friendly.

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The Koko Monk chocolates are also served with the meal between courses to clean the palate. (We had ours in a box so I ate it all later). I’m very thankful for being invited to this media tasting. I was invited to write about it, but I genuinely had a good experience. I will be back to enjoy pizza sometime soon.