Recently, I was invited to take the newest Hyundai Kona for a spin! The Kona is considered a crossover – which is a hybrid of an SUV and passenger vehicle. It feels like it’s made for city life – not too large that it would be so hard to find parking but enough power to get you through the winding Sea-to-Sky highway like a breeze.

hyundai kona 2018 -

The exterior of the car is very modern, but sporty. It comes in some interesting, flashy colours – but also some more discreet ones as well. I like that they’re not afraid to have some bold colours, it seems like most cars nowadays play it safe with trim and colour!

The interior of the car has great space and is customizable to your height and comfort. The front seats are heated and you can adjust the driver’s seat to your liking. Even the backseats feel comfortable and enough space to tow a couple kids along.

There are outlets for your phone and you can connect your phone to the internal system to use the navigation or play some tunes (it even comes with a wireless charging pad, if your phone is compatible). Another cool feature is their heads up display, which helps show your speed and navigation (if activated).

Some standard items that are always a plus are blind spot detectors, lane change assist and rear parking assist camera and sensors.

hyundai kona 2018 -

hyundai kona 2018
Grabbing lunch in Edgemont Village with the Hyundai Kona

All in all, it was a fun drive – we took it over to Horseshoe Bay village and then around North Van and it did very well in both city, uphill and highway driving. Pricing wise, the Kona is very affordable starting at $20,999, making it a very competitive crossover.

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Disclosure: I was invited to drive the Hyundai Kona for an afternoon by Hyundai. I was not paid to write this post.